Like public utilities and offshore plant facilities, TOMOE valves are fully approved for shipboard use by all the leading marine authorities. TOMOE plays an essential role in the heart of the ship, the engine and other critical locations which require a compact and light weight design, as well as constant, accurate and reliable function for safe operation. ..
Tomoe Tritec metal seated triple offset butterfly valves are used on both offshore oil and gas platforms for a wide range of process control and isolation duties. They are also widely used at onshore refineries processing terminals, where the critical nature of these process environments require repeatable tight shut off, long service life and low maintenance. The triple offset butterfly valve is an ideal replacement for the conventional gate and ball valve. ..
In response to growing demands for environmental protection against global warming, acid rain, increasing CFC’s and pollution, more and more preventive actions are urgently needed. For applications found within environmental protection systems and energy preservation, a butterfly valve should satisfy various severe requirements including control capability under high temperature and pressure conditions. Taking an example of a geothermal power plant, a butterfly valve must withstand coarse sand, pointed fragments of rocks, and other hard debris. As for the flue-gas desulfurization system ..
Fluid flow lines in steel mills, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food processing factories, paper mills and many other process industries have their own unique requirements for valves. These include services such as water, gas, steam, powder and granular fluids, both high pressure and temperature. Tomoe products are well suited for use on all of these applications. Our reputation for high quality and reliability is constantly favored by both plant operators and end users alike. ..
Water is a top priority of human life. For keeping rivers and lakes clean, companies are obliged to have their own water treatment equipment that can eliminate all the harmful elements from their waste water. The equipment today has been developed in such a manner that it removes toxic elements not only by using highly refined mechanical and chemical devices, but also by applying frontier technology of biodegradation process. Superb leak tightness and the introduction of advanced materials have enabled TOMOE to become a market leader in this industry, where environmental awareness is at t..
In the field of building utilities, TOMOE was the first to develop an aluminium die cast butterfly valve and the latest design with a  high performance engineering plastic which prevents dew condensation. It made a breakthrough in space saving and excellent cost performance. The DHC (District Heating and Cooling) System is a centralized heating/cooling system, which supplies a group of buildings in a certain area heated water, steam, cooling water and other energy media generated in one or more heat supply plants. The Tomoe butterfly valve can be used in all areas of these modern systems ..
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